Photo of Nathan a.k.a freezedream

Growing up Nathan had a fascination with electronic music from an early age with exposure to the music of Isao Tomita, Vangelis and Enya’s Watermark.

While in primary school he had the privilege of learning to play the piano and also the acoustic guitar, which he still plays today.

As a child he was always enthusiastic to experiment and create his own sounds and that passion came to the fore when his family bought a secondhand Amiga 500. On the Amiga he discovered music tracker software which enabled him to begin to sequence his own original digital music using 8-bit samples.

freezedream now uses the tracker software known as Renoise and after 20 years using trackers, he continues to focus his skills in the creation of organic electronic sounds using both sample manipulation and synthesis techniques.

Since 2006, he has released four full-length albums, two EPs, many singles and has performed live at various venues including Squaresounds Festival, Melbourne (2016), Hybrid World Adelaide mainstage (2017) and Futuresounds Festival, Adelaide (2015).

His creative output has two streams – one focused on creating music with retro video game hardware and the other on computer-based music of various genres.

Notably, he performs chipmusic using custom software and hardware to play two Sega Mega Drives live and was perhaps the first ever artist to release an album of music on an actual Sega cartridge with his offering ‘Today‘ in 2010.

His current projects include the soundtrack and sound design for the award-winning Sega Mega Drive/Genesis game Tanglewood, while he continues to work on new material for a brand new Sega album on a cartridge.

Banner Image Credit: Maetogrophy